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LED lights with classification and distinction
release time:2012-10-04               Source of information:公司内部               publisher:admin

LED lights with classification

LED lights with conventional divided Flexible LED Tape and LED light bar are two, but generally also includes a wire connecting the LED lights with old-fashioned, such as the flat three-wire 4.3W / m, flat four-wire 6.48W / m, flat five line 8.64W / m with lights and so on.

LED lights with distinction

1, Flexible LED Strip is done using FPC circuit board assembly to be assembled with SMD LED, the thickness of the product is only the thickness of a coin, does not occupy space; common specifications are 30cm long 18 LED, 24 pcs LED and 50cm long 15 LED, 24 颗 LED, 30 pcs LED and so on. There 60cm, 80cm, etc., different users have different specifications. And it can cut, it can be any extension of luminous unaffected. The FPC material is soft and can be bent, folded, winding, can freely move in three-dimensional space and stretch without breaking. Suitable for irregular local and cramped places, but also because you can arbitrarily curved and winding, suitable for use in advertising in any combination of a variety of decorative patterns.

2, LED light bar is made with hard board PCB circuit board assembly, LED SMD LED useful to be assembled, but also useful for assembly-line LED, depending on the different needs of different components. The advantage of rigid strip is relatively easy to fix, processing and installation are relatively easy; shortcomings can not be bent, not suitable for irregular areas. Rigid Strip with SMD LED's have 18 LED, 24 颗 LED, 30 颗 LED, 36 颗 LED, 40 pcs LED such a good variety of specifications; using DIP LED's are 18, 24, 36, 48 different specifications, there is also a positive side, the side known as the Great Wall lights glowing.

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