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LED lights
release time:2013-06-16               Source of information:Baidu Encyclopedia               publisher:admin

led lights [1] refers to the strip of LED assembly in FPC (flexible printed circuit board) or PCB hard board, shaped like a ribbon of its products as the name. Because long life (normal life of 8 to 100,000 hours), green and gradually emerge in a variety of decorative industries.

Lights, the LED lights with short, most people are not used to say when the term is too long, so the front LED to omit a direct call with lights. Such lights is called also contains a lot of big second ago, junior line, second round, and so a direct connection with the wire or PCB FPC LED instead of old-fashioned lights, of course, also contains a flexible strip lights and hard.

LED Strip. This is the LED lights with the English name. Strip in Yahoo Translator explained that the "strip" in the Google Translate explained that "The Strip", but LED lights with foreign customers in the mouth of the term is LED Strip

Flex LED Strip. This is a flexible LED light with the English name. Flex on Google Translation explanation is "flexible" in the Yahoo translation interpretation has become a "conductive wire." But foreign customers say Flex LED Strip is our home, we said flexible LED lights.

LED Light Bar. This LED strip is the English term. Light Bar in Yahoo Translator explained that the "band of light" in the Google Translate's interpretation has become a "view of the bar." It seems each translation is not the same ah, but the habit of calling foreign customers for the LED strip LED Light Bar.

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