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LED lights with mounting method
release time:2013-06-16               Source of information:House               publisher:admin

Installation Method

① four wire lights bandwidth of about 22mm, thickness of about 8mm, weight about 0.25kg / m (4 meter by Kg)

② four lights with a total of four wire conductors, three rows of lights (note not the four rows of lights Oh ~ ~), each row of 1 meter 24 lights, 24 * 3 = 72. Because each lamp beads power is 0.05W, 72 beads lamp with power is: 72 * 0.05 = 3.6W.

③ per meter of "scissors" mark, only to have to cut the tag, or scissors cut the wrong side will lead to one meter does not shine! Some will hit the mark because he missed a few, it is best to look carefully before you cut mark position, press the middle of no where connections can be cut. Look carefully can see that.

④ Each lamp must be fitted with a special plug (a plug with a transformer); connection sure to remove the clear plastic cover, and then connect the test light cover. Must not be directly connected with lid, so easy to short circuit!

⑤ lights installed, general on the light trough, and put straight on it, you can also use string or thin wire fixation. For exterior or vertical loading, wind Gouka need another child and tail plug. Original clip is fully transparent, preferably after the installation in the tail plug and the plug marked with waterproof glass glue, so waterproof better.

Dedicated free solder quick connectors use to the family provides the possibility of individuals to install without special tools such as soldering iron, use the following

Not waterproof flexible strip fast connector descriptions using map


Figure A1: For flexible strip connecting the power connector.

Figure A2: In the product side to open a lock, fold up the lid open.

Figure A3: folding lid is opened, the soft lights with one end inserted into the connector, and then turn back to the fold lock.

Figure A4: complete the connection.

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