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LED light-emitting diode in the medical field analysis of the scope of
release time:2013-06-16               Source of information:House               publisher:admin

LED light-emitting diode in the medical field analysis of the scope of

LED ceiling light, LED lights and other lighting was being regulated from the scene lighting to functional lighting from outdoor lighting to indoor lighting, unique lighting from general lighting to extend, it is technological progress, social progress and affirmation.

       In addition to rapidly expand the field of conventional lighting outside lighting white LED light source in the medical field but also by the prospect of focus.

      Here we take a look at the LED light source in the medical field for planning it!

       Mixed light and white light: white LED or several different wavelength LED light mixing in the same package body constituted for example, yellow green, purple and blue and green mixed light, can meet different treatment needs. Not the same as the color temperature of white light irradiation can be used for the treatment of insomnia scheduling.

       Infrared light: LED chips suitable for manufacture of near infrared light infrared devices, you can choose 780nm ~ 1200nm planning IR LED, used for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and promote refinement. Blue: 425nm ~ 475nm planning in LED light source can be used for the treatment of neonatal jaundice psychosis. 446nm ~ 477nm LED light source, the human body can promote the role of the biological cycle from scheduling pineal amine hormone - melatonin secretion, is conducive to enhance human brain vitality.

       Red: 615nm ~ 700nm planning for the red LED as the light source available, pure light color, red light through photochemical effects, can promote cells to promote wound healing, treatment of many diseases.

       UV: ultraviolet LED wavelength selection plan of 311nm ~ 400nm, pulse width of 20nm ~ 30nm, the optical power of several mW to several hundred mW. UVA treat skin diseases such as psoriasis, can also be used in cosmetic, such as sterilization.

       These types of LED light illumination in the medical field applied to the primary light color, with the LED light source can be any geometrical shape and the standard point, line, surface light source, can be miniaturized, compared with traditional light sources, and its use more convenient, but also the future direction of the expansion of medical lighting.

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